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Other Services

Roof Moss Removal

Moss creates a dull and dirty appearance, and being water absorbent, weakens tiles and cement, creates frost damage by cracking tiles and blocking gutters.  We remove the moss, apply a fungicide to kill all spores, and, if required, fit a copper ridge, which deters moss growth as it oxidises.  A complete gutter check is also carried out at the same time.


Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Diverter Kits

A Rainwater Diverter is a simple device used to direct rainwater collected by guttering into a water butt or storage tank for later use in the garden, for toilet flushing, car or yard washing and much more.  Inserted into a downpipe, a diverter takes minutes to fit and will provide free clean water, far better for the garden than cold, chlorine-treated tap water.  Using harvested water makes total sense and has the added attraction of helping those on metered water save money, and more importantly will save water at a time when water-shortages occur and hosepipe bans are in force.

Tel: 01869 347717 - 07579 006 336 



Tel: 01869 347717 - 07579 006 336